WIP Wednesday – Independence Day Edition

After last week’s ADD, I needed to sit down, look at my lists and really prioritize.  When I compared my to do list with my calendar, I realized that I only had two weekends before the baby shower for my friends A&J, so their quilt had to be at the top of my list.

After double and triple checking the math for my planned Mega Swoon quilt, I cut out my fabric and began assembling the components for the blocks.  When I put the pieces up on my design wall, I was surprised that almost all of the foxes (foxen?) were going the same direction!  I was able to make a quick adjustment and now they all face the same way.

At 48″ square, this quilt required a pieced back.  After a bit of head scratching, I just copied myself and did coins along the side.

I’m happy to report that this is quilted and I’m leisurely working on the binding!

2011 WIPs:

  • Hexagon Quilt
  • Robot Kaleidoscope Quilt
  • Lorax Quilt
  • 3×6 Bee Top (top done)
  • Christmas Patchwork
  • HMQG Row Robin (rows finished)
  • Hello Betty Star Quilt (working on the blocks)
  • Rawhide String Quilt
  • Grinch Pillow Cover
  • HMQG Habitat Challenge
  • Embroider Bee Quilt (blocks done)
  • Neptune Hexagon Project (an ongoing project)

2012 WIPs

  • Rawhide Swoon Quilt
  • Quilts for Kids
  • A Walk in the Woods Baby Quilt
  • 1001 Peeps Quilt
  • Spring green/yellow/grey baby quilt (working on blocks)
  • Sherbet Pips apple core project (quilt basted)
  • A Walk in the Woods Whirligig Quilt
  • Flower Sugar Hand Sewn Diamond Stars (an ongoing project)
  • A Walk in the Woods Zig Zag Quilt
  • Jelly Roll Race Quilt
  • Neutral Farfalle Quilt (basted)
  • Happy Campers Irish Chain Quilt
  • Coral and Aqua Baby Quilt
  • Neptune Drunkard’s Path Quilt (blocks cut)
  • A Walk in the Woods Mega Swoon (binding on)
  • ???

Still To Do

  • Sock Monkey 9-Patch
  • Quilt for L&M
  • Quilt for P&S
  • Quilt for L&M
  • Quilt for R
  • Quilt for L&M

The cold, hard truth:
Completed projects: 0
New projects: 1
WIPs: 11


12 Quilts in ’12 – May!

May was a month of therapeutic sewing.

During the last week in April, my husband and I received the terrible news that one of our friends had died, along with his father, in an accident.  To say we were devastated would be an understatement.  The day after the funeral, I also found out that my cousin’s grandmother had passed away unexpectedly.  All of this news left us reeling and a bit unsteady on our feet.  Initially it was helpful to plan flowers, funerals, food, etc., but we soon ran out of things to plan.

Fortunately, the universe sometimes helps you out with some much needed perspective, and I have also had eight friends deliver happy, healthy babies this month!  Focusing on new life, instead of loss, has helped tremendously.

So in that spirit, I dove straight in and made this baby quilt for a friend who is due in July.

I backed it with more of the DS Quilts circle dots.

This is the third month in a row with a Walk in the Woods quilt as my finish…

…and I blame Aneela for making such perfectly adorable fabric.

This is possibly one of my favorite quilts I’ve ever made!

Sometimes I work on projects with no intended recipient and the perfect person comes along later.

I was fortunate to have that happen twice this month.

When C thought my rawhide string blocks would be perfect for our friend’s newborn nephew…

…I immediately realized the rawhide swoon quilt would be perfect for our friend’s mom…

…who is coping with the loss of both her son and her husband.

I hope these handmade gifts can help in some way.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have the HMQG retreat the weekend after the funeral.  Not only was a trip to sew with my girlfriends a great distraction, but they helped me complete the two quilt tops above and I made this fun jelly roll race quilt for myself!  I can’t show the whole quilt because we’re doing a fun challenge, but I will soon!


Let us know what you finished this month (and enter to win a handmade coin purse and a fat quarter) over at Liz’s!

11 Quilts …. in 5 months??

This year, I set a goal to complete 12 quilts in 2012.  It looks like that will happen, since I’ve already completed 8 and I recently realized that I have another 10 quilts to make before October.  When I mentioned this briefly, Michonne asked me to elaborate.  Then I realized it was actually eleven (11) quilts!  Here’s the list:

  1. C’s friends C&A.  They had their baby, West, a couple of months ago, but I know they could use something special and handmade in their lives these days.  They live in West Texas and work on the family ranch, so C thought my rawhide string blocks would be perfect for them.
  2. Our friend’s mom, J.  I am almost done with West’s quilt and also one for his grandmother — the swoon quilt!  I’d like to send both quilts out by the end of May.
  3. My mom’s friend P and his new wife, MP is getting a bit of a late start on his first baby, but he couldn’t be more excited about having a boy in July.  When we visited them in Austin earlier this year, P had two beautiful heirloom double wedding quilts, so I knew I wanted to make him something with a vintage vibe.  When I stashed some Happy Campers at the Lost Pines Quilt Shop in Bastrop, I decided to use my honey bun to make them an Irish Chain quilt.  We will be seeing them June 15.  
  4. C’s friends C&T. Baby West (number 1 above) isn’t going to be the only baby in his family for long.  His aunt is expecting in September.  I plan to use my small stash of sock monkey fabrics in a disappearing nine patch.  C agreed, saying that the mom-to-be is such a fun, happy person and that’s how the fabrics seemed to him, too.  We are getting together with them in San Antonio in mid-June.  
  5. My “cousins” V&E.  When you’re Persian, everyone is your cousin!  But seriously, I practically grew up with my real cousins and V and his two crazy brothers.  He has had his first baby and Maya is seriously adorable.  Her two partners in crime on Instagram (Izzy and Ruby) have their own quilts, so it’s about time Maya did, too.  Maya is too sophisticated and pretty for the average baby quilt, so she is getting the Neutral Farfalle quilt.  With lots of soft neutrals and bright pops of color, it’s sure to match every one of her stylish outfits.  I’d like to have this in the mail to her in June.  
  6. My buddies, A&J.  Not only did did I go to law school with both of these guys, A worked with me and Jen until she left the firm to join J up north and get married.  Little baby Claire arrived on our anniversary three weeks ago, so I will never forget her birthday.  They are doing a pink, grey and white nursery, and I plan to do a walk in the woods Mega Swoon!  We are throwing a meet n’ greet party for Claire, so I’d like to have this done by the July 14 party.
  7. My co-worker, L and her husband M. Not only do I work with L, but we went to college together and she was my O-Week coordinater (Rice alums will know what I mean)!  She is expecting baby boy no. 2 (actually, she’s the only second time mom on this list) in August, but they’re house hunting and she is not yet sure what she is doing for baby’s nursery.   
  8. My cousins Y&O! I know I already made one quilt for Y&O’s baby, but since I’m SO excited about this baby and the gender is a surprise, I really want to make sure this baby has all the stylish quilts he or she needs.  They are due in early September and I plan to pop up to NYC to meet this cute munchkin as soon as I can.  I plan to turn my spring green, yellow and grey bundle into an awesome retro flowers quilt for this incredible little one!  
  9. My co-worker P and his wife S.  Fortunately, P convinced his wife to have a reveal party, so I will be able to brain storm a plan for this couple after their June 1 festivities.  Unfortunately, I also talked a big game to P about my quilting skills, so I’m going to have to deliver something pretty special before their early September due date.
  10. My friends L&M.  L&M are having a boy and are models (literally) and seriously stylish, fun, international people, so I will have to come up with a quilt that measures up.  Fortunately, they are not due until mid-October, so I have a bit of time.
  11. C’s cousin R.  R was born with several disabilities, but his parents, J&E, made it their mission in life to make sure he gets the best care possible.  Now, 19 years later, not only are they R’s biggest advocates, but they also help other parents of disabled children navigate the complicated medical/benefits world.  I’m always impressed with people who can maintain such a positive outlook and wanted to do something to give back to them and to R.  I’ve been told to start with primary colors and I’m thinking something in  warm tones that is happy, cheery and scrappy.  I’m hoping to have this done in the fall and if it’s done by the end of the year, I will be thrilled.

As you can see, I don’t have ideas for all of the quilts yet, but things are percolating.

I have to say…

…I was hesitant to create this list and put it online…

…I feel like I should include a disclaimer that I might not be able to get all this done!

How crazy am I?  What are your crazy goals this month or this year?  I’d love to know!

12 Quilts in ’12 – April Link Up

Hello and welcome to the April installment of the 12 Quilts in ’12 Challenge!  I’m hosting here on my blog, but Amy and Liz are playing along, too.  We hope you will join in!

April and May are all about babies, apparently — I have several friends due within two weeks of each other and all but one are having girls.  Since they are all planning pink and grey nurseries, they are all pretty much getting Walk in the Woods quilts!  I made this quilt for my friend Kelly and blogged about the quick turn around here.

The strips on the back are leftover from the first quilt I made with Jen.

I will definitely make another whirligig quilt, it’s so striking.

This line has the cutest details…

…perfect coordinates for binding…

…and washes up so snuggly for baby!

Several more of these pretty quilts are in the works!  Here is a sneak peek of the next:

Since my anniversary was one week ago, this month’s prize is inspired by my bridesmaids gifts (Jane Market bags and AMH voile scarves):

 2/3 of a yard of AMH home dec fabric!!

Giveaway details:

  • Blog about your finished project or post a picture of it to flickr
  • Link up to your project here
  • Any project you finished this month is eligible, but please link to only one blog post/flickr picture (it’s okay if you blogged about multiple finishes, we love that!)
  • Entries for this giveaway will be open until Monday, May 7 at midnight
  • The dedicated folks who enter all 12 times will be entered to win a grand prize next January!

If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment below!

WIP Wednesday: The 30 Hour Quilt

Jen and I have a friend at the office who is pregnant with her first baby.  Her little girl is due in the beginning of May and we have been planning to make her a baby quilt out of the Walk in the Woods line since the nursery scheme is pink, white and grey.  Thinking I had plenty of time, however, I took no action.  When a group of us decided late last week to take her to lunch today, I wished that I had already started on a quilt for her, but figured she wouldn’t mind getting one a little later.

I offered to go to PB Kids to pick out the group gift, but when I got there, everything was catalogue/internet only!  I got a super cute pink storage basket and some of her linens and a bath wrap to go in it, but the basket still looked sad and empty.  Jen quickly offered a swaddling blanket made out of beautiful AMH voile and flannel, but I knew it was time to hit the cutting mat and bust out that baby quilt.  And so began 30 hours of quilting (as seen on Instagram)…

Sunday, April 1:

5:30 PM – I leave PB Kids, kicking myself for not having already made a quilt.  Since I have a WITW Layer Cake, I wonder if I can make a whirligig quilt in less than 3 days.

5:45 PM – I make a stop at Jo-Ann and a simultaneous phone call to Frieda to find out about supplies and feasibility.

6:30 PM – With a bit of advice from Frieda and a new ruler in hand, I get home and set out my layer cake squares, focusing mostly on the pinks and greys.  I decided on a 5×5 layout of layer cake squares, which yields a whirligig block layout of 6×6, or a 45″ square top.  Perfect for a baby!

7:30 PM – My husband is on his way home and texts me asking if I can get dinner ready.  Uh, doesn’t he know about the quilt-mergency going on over here??

8:30 PM – Dinner is over and I start sewing together layer cake squares.

9:00 PM – My excitement about finishing is short lived — I need to add a border.  After a bit of stress, I decide on white.  Start watching Shahs of Sunset — my desire to call everyone I know and explain that not all Persians are like this is only slightly outweighed by my desire to finish the quilt.

10:00 PM – Begin cutting out the whirligigs.  This really hurts my knees and I feel old.

11:00 PM – Finish cutting out all the whirligigs.  I think about assembling them, but Barclay sits right in the middle of it and wags his tail.  Blocks fly everywhere and I go to bed.

Monday, April 2:

7:00 AM – I assemble blocks into quilt top while watching Desperate Housewives.  Thank god I have such good help.

9:00 AM – I go to work and think about the quilt constantly.

5:00 PM – At home, I prep the backing and the binding.

6:15 PM – It’s time to baste the quilt and I realize I have no batting.  Seriously?  Another quilt-mergency?  Do. Not. Have. Time! Convince husband to eat dinner at a restaurant near Jo-Ann.

7:45 PM – I baste, quilt and attach the binding to the front of the quilt.

10:15 PM – In bed, I hand stitch binding to the back while watching Frozen Planet.  (Seriously, if you’re not already watching this show, you have to start.  Two words: criminal penguins.)

11:30 PM – I’m finished!!  Desperately fight the urge to text Amy and Jen at this late hour.  Sleep.

When people see my quilts, the number one question they ask is “How long did that take?”  I usually have no idea because I often work on projects over a long period of time or on several projects at once.  Also, I keep track of all my time at the office in order to bill clients and I do not want to do that at home!  But this time I can say that this quilt took me approximately 12 hours of focused work over a 30 hour period.  Even I am really amazed that I finished this quilt so quickly.  This probably means that most of the time I’m just being lazy!

I also think this was a great choice of pattern and I’m thrilled that I was able to find the ruler at Jo-Ann.  I think it’s a fun pattern that packs a great punch — and obviously it can be done quickly!  As a bonus, I ended up with this cute “charm pack” from the waste — the best part is that the prints are on point!  I can’t wait to use it.

Here is our baby gift, all assembled!

She loved it!

2012 WIPs:

  • Hexagon Quilt
  • Robot Kaleidoscope Quilt
  • Lorax Quilt
  • 3×6 Bee Top (top done)
  • Christmas Patchwork (top done)
  • HMQG Row Robin (rows finished)
  • Hello Betty Star Quilt (working on the blocks)
  • Rawhide String Quilt (working on the blocks)
  • Rawhide Swoon Quilt (working on the blocks)
  • Grinch Pillow Cover (top done)
  • HMQG Habitat Challenge (quilted)
  • Embroider Bee Quilt (blocks done)
  • Neptune Hexagon Project (an ongoing project)
  • Quilts for Kids
  • A Walk in the Woods Baby Quilt
  • 1001 Peeps Quilt
  • Spring green/yellow/grey baby quilt (bundle ready)
  • Sherbet Pips apple core project (in progress)
  • A Walk in the Woods Whirligig Quilt
  • ???

The cold, hard truth:
Completed projects: 1
New projects: 1
WIPs: 12

365 – Week 13

I’m coming off of a pretty busy month at work and this week was a bit about being lazy, catching up on things at the house, enjoying dinner with my husband and life with my pups — so it’s all Instagram today!

Monday 3/26 (started a new WIP and  it’s a bit harder than I thought)…

Tuesday 3/27 (took a nap with this sweet guy — Barclay desperately wants to be a lap dog like Coco and today his wish came true!)…

Wednesday 3/28 (at nearly 3, Barclay is so grown up and well behaved — we are so lucky!)…

Thursday 3/29 (my hubby goes to work a lot earlier than I do, so sometimes he puts the dogs in the bed to wake me up; here Barclay is not doing his job!)…

Friday 3/30 (so glad Amy suggested mani/pedis)…

Saturday 3/31 (beautiful flowers at my friends’ wedding)…

Here is my March Mosaic:

Sunday 4/1 (decided tonight to make a quilt. to gift this coming wednesday.)…

What an exhausting week!