{Finished} The Doodler

Hello, 2016!  It seems I entirely missed 2015 on the blog, but here’s a quick recap: it was all about knitting.  I decided to learn just before the start of the year and it has quickly taken over for me.  I’ve made several baby hats and cowls, but the project I am most proud of is my Doodler.

2016 01 - Final Doodler 1

The Doodler was Westknits2015 Mystery Knit Along.  That means that, other than suggestions about yarn weights and color schemes, we were totally in the dark about what we were making.  I decided to do it because I really wanted to learn more complicated techniques and challenge myself.


2016 01 - Doodler Progress 1

You can imagine that I felt quite challenged indeed when this tiny little wing is what I started knitting after following the instructions for Clue 1. Mind. Blown.

2016 01 - Doodler Progress 2

It had quickly grown into a very large wing by the time we were done with Clue 1!  Clue 2 was a jump headfirst into cables – something I probably would have been very scared to try, but were actually not that complicated.

2016 01 - Doodler Progress 3

At this point I was actually quite stumped – the project was completely off the needles!  But Clue 3 had us pick up the I-Cord along the wing and do a series of increases and decreases to form a wavy border.

2016 01 - Doodler Progress 4

Clue 4 gave us a lot of options, but in the end I chose the simplest and finished off with a contrasting I-Cord, which I thought was best for my (relatively neutral) color scheme.  If I did this shawl again, I would choose punchier colors, add contrasting stripes to the wavy border and pick one of the more complex bind offs, just to make it different from what I have already done.

2016 01 - Final Doodler 3

Even though it was a “mystery,” doing this KAL was a great way to learn because there were a lot of experienced knitters helping in the Ravelry group.  As of right now, 3,398 Ravelers are making this shawl!

2016 01 - Final Doodler 2

This project was a lot of work (and crying and ripping back), but it taught me that I can follow a pattern (even when I don’t fully understand it), that I can do short rows, yarn overs, seamless I-Cord, cable, pick up stitches and fix my mistakes.  Needless to say it was a big boost to my knitting self-esteem and I am really stunned by the finished product.

2016 01 - Final Doodler 4

I’m also thrilled with my color combination.  Despite all the craziness going on in this shawl, it’s actually pretty wearable and I’ve already worn it – to work!

2016 01 - Final Doodler 5

Raveled here.