11 Quilts …. in 5 months??

This year, I set a goal to complete 12 quilts in 2012.  It looks like that will happen, since I’ve already completed 8 and I recently realized that I have another 10 quilts to make before October.  When I mentioned this briefly, Michonne asked me to elaborate.  Then I realized it was actually eleven (11) quilts!  Here’s the list:

  1. C’s friends C&A.  They had their baby, West, a couple of months ago, but I know they could use something special and handmade in their lives these days.  They live in West Texas and work on the family ranch, so C thought my rawhide string blocks would be perfect for them.
  2. Our friend’s mom, J.  I am almost done with West’s quilt and also one for his grandmother — the swoon quilt!  I’d like to send both quilts out by the end of May.
  3. My mom’s friend P and his new wife, MP is getting a bit of a late start on his first baby, but he couldn’t be more excited about having a boy in July.  When we visited them in Austin earlier this year, P had two beautiful heirloom double wedding quilts, so I knew I wanted to make him something with a vintage vibe.  When I stashed some Happy Campers at the Lost Pines Quilt Shop in Bastrop, I decided to use my honey bun to make them an Irish Chain quilt.  We will be seeing them June 15.  
  4. C’s friends C&T. Baby West (number 1 above) isn’t going to be the only baby in his family for long.  His aunt is expecting in September.  I plan to use my small stash of sock monkey fabrics in a disappearing nine patch.  C agreed, saying that the mom-to-be is such a fun, happy person and that’s how the fabrics seemed to him, too.  We are getting together with them in San Antonio in mid-June.  
  5. My “cousins” V&E.  When you’re Persian, everyone is your cousin!  But seriously, I practically grew up with my real cousins and V and his two crazy brothers.  He has had his first baby and Maya is seriously adorable.  Her two partners in crime on Instagram (Izzy and Ruby) have their own quilts, so it’s about time Maya did, too.  Maya is too sophisticated and pretty for the average baby quilt, so she is getting the Neutral Farfalle quilt.  With lots of soft neutrals and bright pops of color, it’s sure to match every one of her stylish outfits.  I’d like to have this in the mail to her in June.  
  6. My buddies, A&J.  Not only did did I go to law school with both of these guys, A worked with me and Jen until she left the firm to join J up north and get married.  Little baby Claire arrived on our anniversary three weeks ago, so I will never forget her birthday.  They are doing a pink, grey and white nursery, and I plan to do a walk in the woods Mega Swoon!  We are throwing a meet n’ greet party for Claire, so I’d like to have this done by the July 14 party.
  7. My co-worker, L and her husband M. Not only do I work with L, but we went to college together and she was my O-Week coordinater (Rice alums will know what I mean)!  She is expecting baby boy no. 2 (actually, she’s the only second time mom on this list) in August, but they’re house hunting and she is not yet sure what she is doing for baby’s nursery.   
  8. My cousins Y&O! I know I already made one quilt for Y&O’s baby, but since I’m SO excited about this baby and the gender is a surprise, I really want to make sure this baby has all the stylish quilts he or she needs.  They are due in early September and I plan to pop up to NYC to meet this cute munchkin as soon as I can.  I plan to turn my spring green, yellow and grey bundle into an awesome retro flowers quilt for this incredible little one!  
  9. My co-worker P and his wife S.  Fortunately, P convinced his wife to have a reveal party, so I will be able to brain storm a plan for this couple after their June 1 festivities.  Unfortunately, I also talked a big game to P about my quilting skills, so I’m going to have to deliver something pretty special before their early September due date.
  10. My friends L&M.  L&M are having a boy and are models (literally) and seriously stylish, fun, international people, so I will have to come up with a quilt that measures up.  Fortunately, they are not due until mid-October, so I have a bit of time.
  11. C’s cousin R.  R was born with several disabilities, but his parents, J&E, made it their mission in life to make sure he gets the best care possible.  Now, 19 years later, not only are they R’s biggest advocates, but they also help other parents of disabled children navigate the complicated medical/benefits world.  I’m always impressed with people who can maintain such a positive outlook and wanted to do something to give back to them and to R.  I’ve been told to start with primary colors and I’m thinking something in  warm tones that is happy, cheery and scrappy.  I’m hoping to have this done in the fall and if it’s done by the end of the year, I will be thrilled.

As you can see, I don’t have ideas for all of the quilts yet, but things are percolating.

I have to say…

…I was hesitant to create this list and put it online…

…I feel like I should include a disclaimer that I might not be able to get all this done!

How crazy am I?  What are your crazy goals this month or this year?  I’d love to know!