WIP Wednesday – On My Needles

Right now I have a couple of fun things on my needles.  First is my Love of Spiders shawl, which is from a pattern by Melanie Berg, using custom dyed Sunshine Yarns Luxury Sock … all in fun kits from Little Skein in the Big Wool. I am absolutely obsessed with this shawl and how deceptively easy the slipped stitch pattern is.

Spider WIP 3

Even though this is not a difficult shawl, I do have to refer to the pattern and pay attention to what I’m doing.  When I’m on the go or don’t feel like concentrating, I’ve been working on my Garter Goodness, which is another shawl by westknits.

GG First Color 1

This is a simple garter stitch pattern with yarn over increases separating the sections.  The real fun in this shawl is adding color after color and seeing how well they play together.  It is also absolutely HUGE.

GG Third Color 1

It’s nice to have a project to suit every mood!

Raveling here and here.


{Finished} Baby Bear Hat

Recently, my go-to baby gift has been a hat paired with a onesie.  I made this cute baby bear hat for my cousin who was having her third baby right before Christmas.

Baby Bear Hat

Since the baby’s gender was a surprise, I had a hard time auditioning yarn.  Then I decided to combine a bulky yarn with a fingering weight yarn to create this marled look.  I think it matches the woodland creatures on the onesie perfectly.  And trust me, he looked adorable in it over the holidays!

Baby Bear Hat 2

This was also the first time I tried the magic loop method.  I am a convert – it is great for small, circular projects and avoiding DPNs.

Baby Bear Hat 3

Onesie from Janie and Jack.

Raveled here.

{Finished} The Doodler

Hello, 2016!  It seems I entirely missed 2015 on the blog, but here’s a quick recap: it was all about knitting.  I decided to learn just before the start of the year and it has quickly taken over for me.  I’ve made several baby hats and cowls, but the project I am most proud of is my Doodler.

2016 01 - Final Doodler 1

The Doodler was Westknits2015 Mystery Knit Along.  That means that, other than suggestions about yarn weights and color schemes, we were totally in the dark about what we were making.  I decided to do it because I really wanted to learn more complicated techniques and challenge myself.


2016 01 - Doodler Progress 1

You can imagine that I felt quite challenged indeed when this tiny little wing is what I started knitting after following the instructions for Clue 1. Mind. Blown.

2016 01 - Doodler Progress 2

It had quickly grown into a very large wing by the time we were done with Clue 1!  Clue 2 was a jump headfirst into cables – something I probably would have been very scared to try, but were actually not that complicated.

2016 01 - Doodler Progress 3

At this point I was actually quite stumped – the project was completely off the needles!  But Clue 3 had us pick up the I-Cord along the wing and do a series of increases and decreases to form a wavy border.

2016 01 - Doodler Progress 4

Clue 4 gave us a lot of options, but in the end I chose the simplest and finished off with a contrasting I-Cord, which I thought was best for my (relatively neutral) color scheme.  If I did this shawl again, I would choose punchier colors, add contrasting stripes to the wavy border and pick one of the more complex bind offs, just to make it different from what I have already done.

2016 01 - Final Doodler 3

Even though it was a “mystery,” doing this KAL was a great way to learn because there were a lot of experienced knitters helping in the Ravelry group.  As of right now, 3,398 Ravelers are making this shawl!

2016 01 - Final Doodler 2

This project was a lot of work (and crying and ripping back), but it taught me that I can follow a pattern (even when I don’t fully understand it), that I can do short rows, yarn overs, seamless I-Cord, cable, pick up stitches and fix my mistakes.  Needless to say it was a big boost to my knitting self-esteem and I am really stunned by the finished product.

2016 01 - Final Doodler 4

I’m also thrilled with my color combination.  Despite all the craziness going on in this shawl, it’s actually pretty wearable and I’ve already worn it – to work!

2016 01 - Final Doodler 5

Raveled here.