Stash Bash Recap!

Everyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I spent last weekend at the Stash Bash, which is a quilting and sewing retreat outside of Altanta, GA.  Last year about 30 of us met up thanks to the planning and ingenuity of Chris, but this year we were about twice that in number!  I was excited to see people I had met the year before and to meet some online friends in person.  I even brought, Nisha, one of my oldest friends who is new to sewing and we ended up with Kristi and Angela at the most fun table ever!


Stash Bash is sponsored and we have some amazing ones.  Between the gift bags we received upon arrival, the goods we won in giveaways and gifts from sweet friends, I did not come home empty handed!

Stash Bash_03

If I had to pick a favorite sponsor, though, I’d probably have to pick Stash Fabrics since Beth hangs out with us all weekend and brings fabric!  I did hold out til the last day, I swear.

Stash Bash_07

We also descended on A Scarlet Thread in waves and I managed to do a bit of damage there as well.

Stash Bash_09

Stash Bash is blissfully unstructured and designed mainly for sewing and socializing, but we did do one optional swap and one optional “class” and I participated in both.  Inspired by the recent Sew South event, we did a Secret Agent Swap where we coordinated two gifts for a secret partner.  I received some great things from Jenn!  I didn’t take a picture of what I gave Elizabeth, but she assures me she liked it!

Stash Bash_10

We had an opportunity to learn from Kristi how to make the Sew Together Bag by Sew Demented.

Stash Bash_17

I used some of the most recent DS Quilts prints from Joann and I am absolutely thrilled with how mine came out!

Stash Bash_16

I also found some time to piece my Hello Petal quilt top together.

Hello Petal Top_02

I’m really glad I have at least one “finish” that I brought home from the weekend.

Hello Petal Top_05

Finally, I started on my scrappy trip along blocks.  I’m in love!

Stash Bash_19

I brought way too many projects and didn’t finish everything, but it meant I was pre-packed for the HMQG retreat this weekend!  I officially can’t wait for the Stash Bash 2015!!


2 thoughts on “Stash Bash Recap!

  1. What a great weekend- a success by all accounts! So glad you welcomed me to sit and sew with you and Nisha. Your Sew Together bag turned out super cute, and I can’t wait to see more of your work. AND, great blog. 💋

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