{Finished} Darya’s Quilt

Last weekend I went to Washington to meet my new niece, Darya (her name was prematurely reported here as Layla).  I finished her Happy Drawing Economy Block quilt, and I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

2014 Happy Drawing_68

There is so much to see on this quilt, I think it will keep babies and children entertained for hours.

2014 Happy Drawing_71

This block was a fairly quick and simple way to showcase the adorable Happy Drawing fabrics by Ed Emberley for Cloud 9 Fabrics.

2014 Happy Drawing_75

I have been saving these for a while and think this was the perfect project!

2014 Happy Drawing_99

Thankfully I was able to find my labels at the 11th hour!

2014 Happy Drawing_78

I went with stripey Rita binding, using the larger scale Clown Stripe and loved how it turned out!

2014 Happy Drawing_23

Soraya loved it so much that she interrupted the photo shoot…

2014 Happy Drawing_80

…commandeered the quilt…

2014 Happy Drawing_86

…and told us she was going to go “la la!”

2014 Happy Drawing_06 (1)

She is precious.

2014 Happy Drawing_12

Don’t worry, Darya got to use her quilt too!


And I’m sure Soraya will teach her the names of all of the animals when the time comes!


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