WIP Wednesday – March 12, 2014

Exciting news alert!  My new niece, Layla Naomi, arrived last night!  She came right on her due date and within 2 hours of my cousin going into labor!  She is clearly a little lady with an important agenda.

Layla Naomi

We are going to DC in 10 days to meet her, and I’m making excellent progress on her quilt.  Since her gender was a surprise and her big sister, Soraya, loves learning about different animals, I just had to use my stash of Happy Drawing and Happy Drawing Too

2014 Happy Drawing_03

I have 70 of the 100 blocks completed and this should be a top by the weekend.

2014 Happy Drawing_02

I love the way the Economy Blocks show off the little animals.  These little blocks are so fun and whimsical!

2014 Happy Drawing_06

I think Soraya will help Layla learn the names of all the different animals.


Layla Naomi, I can’t wait to meet you!

2011 WIPs:

  • Hello Betty Star Quilt (working on the blocks)
  • 3×6 Bee Top (top done)
  • HMQG Row Robin (rows finished)
  • Embroider Bee Quilt (blocks done)
  • Neptune Hexagon Project (an ongoing project)

2012 WIPs

  • Sherbet Pips apple core project (quilting)
  • Flower Sugar Hand Sewn Diamond Stars (an ongoing project)
  • Neptune Drunkard’s Path Quilt (blocks cut)

2013 WIPs

  • Marcelle Medallion Block Quilt (working on blocks)
  • Florence Kaleidoscope Quilt (top done)

2014 WIPs

  • Sherbet Pips Round and Round Quilt (at the long-armer)
  • Happy Drawing Economy Block Quilt (working on blocks)

The cold, hard truth:
Completed projects: 0
New projects: 1
WIPs: 12


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