Pink and Green Triangle Quilt

One of my husband’s oldest friends had his first baby in January, and C must have really wanted me to make them a quilt because he managed to get a picture of the baby’s nursery, which he texted to me.  I received the picture while driving and immediately sped home to pull fabric!


This was such a fun quilt to make.  Not only did it match the nursery perfectly, which I was thrilled to see when we went to meet Baby Molly, I think it was perfect for mom’s personality — she is such a fun, bright person!

Pink and Green Triangles_09

This pattern is a great way to mix a bunch of fun prints and colors.  I couldn’t decide between pink and aqua binding, so I did both!

Pink and Green Triangles_11

I think this is the perfect quilt for a bubbly baby girl!

Pink and Green Triangles_13

Enjoy your quilt, Molly!


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