WIP Wednesday – Doubling Down

With work picking up, vacation ahead (yay!) and a long list of quilts to make, I’ve had to think of ways to make my sewing time count a bit more. 

One of my friends at the office is having her second boy, and I wanted to make her a quilt using backyard baby fabric and flying geese.  I liked the idea so much, I decided to make twice as many geese and make two complimentary quilts at the same time.  I will be sharing a tutorial (hopefully soon) on my method, but for now, here are some in process shots.

Day Formation…

Night Formation…

I’m really glad I got a head start on this — her baby made a very early appearance this weekend!  Day Formation is all done and ready to gift early next week, while the Night Formation top is done and waiting for the right baby boy.

We also have friends getting married this weekend, and I just had to make something for them.  It’s been a bit hectic, but I got this Irish Chain top together using delicious Flea Market Fancy. 

I cut enough strips to make this top, plus a smaller baby quilt, but that will have to wait until after my vacation!

2011 WIPs:

  • Hexagon Quilt
  • Robot Kaleidoscope Quilt
  • Lorax Quilt
  • 3×6 Bee Top (top done)
  • Christmas Patchwork
  • HMQG Row Robin (rows finished)
  • Hello Betty Star Quilt (working on the blocks)
  • Rawhide String Quilt
  • Grinch Pillow Cover
  • HMQG Habitat Challenge
  • Embroider Bee Quilt (blocks done)
  • Neptune Hexagon Project (an ongoing project)

2012 WIPs

  • Rawhide Swoon Quilt
  • Quilts for Kids
  • A Walk in the Woods Baby Quilt
  • 1001 Peeps Quilt
  • Spring green/yellow/grey baby quilt
  • Sherbet Pips apple core project (quilt basted)
  • A Walk in the Woods Whirligig Quilt
  • Flower Sugar Hand Sewn Diamond Stars (an ongoing project)
  • A Walk in the Woods Zig Zag Quilt
  • Jelly Roll Race Quilt
  • Neutral Farfalle Quilt 
  • Happy Campers Irish Chain Quilt
  • Coral and Aqua Baby Quilt
  • Neptune Drunkard’s Path Quilt (blocks cut)
  • A Walk in the Woods Mega Swoon
  • Backyard Baby Day Formation Quilt
  • Backyard Baby Night Formation Quilt (top done!)
  • Flea Market Fancy Irish Chain (quilting!)
  • ???

Still To Do

  • Sock Monkey 9-Patch
  • Quilt for P&S
  • Quilt for L&M
  • Quilt for R

The cold, hard truth:
Completed projects: 1
New projects: 3
WIPs: 11


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Doubling Down

  1. Oooo!! I love everything – but I especially love the FMF Irish Chain! So since you cut strips, I assume you strip pieced it? How do you strip piece and have it look so wonderfully scrappy!?

    • Thanks! To do one this size, you actually make quite a few strip sets, so you can just mix it up and you do get quite a bit of variety. That was also another bonus of making this one, plus a baby size — more strip sets leads to more variety!

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