12 Quilts in ’12 – June!

Overall, June was a good month for productivity and finishes!

I crossed some Christmassy patchwork off my 2011 WIP list.

This quilt is made of some of my favorite Christmas prints and coordinates.

I’m looking forward to having this ready to go when the holidays roll around.

Many thanks to Jen for convincing me to back this in Lizzy House’s pearl bracelets…

…and to my IG friends for help with the perfect binding.

June was also exciting because I made my first “commissioned” quilt!

One of our closest friends asked me to make him a quilt for his sister, who is having a baby girl.

Her nursery is coral, aqua and not girly.  For some reason, I immediately thought of this quilt and decided on coral centers with scrappy neutral and aqua logs.

I found the perfect shade of coral in another Lizzy House pearl bracelet, which I used for the bulk of the backing and the binding.

I love the back as much as the front.  Word on the street is that the new mom loved it, too!

Finally, a family friend is having his first child.  We are so excited for him and his new wife!

I thought that since he is such a history buff, he would love this retro-inspired fabric.

The 1″ finished squares were a little fiddly, but wonderful in the end.

Plus it’s absolutely perfect for a little boy…

…so all-American…

…and the plaid binding is the icing on the cake!

We’ve made it halfway through the year and I’ve surpassed my goal of 12 quilts already!  I’ve made 14* quilts so far this year!

*The mosaic is missing one charity quilt, which can be seen here.


Let us know what you finished this month (and enter to win a Bliss layer cake) over at Amy’s!


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