Beach Bumming

I thoroughly enjoyed being a beach bum this weekend.

My husband caught a lot of fish…

…my labrador made a new best friend…

…and I got the binding on three quilts.

There’s no rest for the weary, though, and I’m already on to the next project.

I probably could have finished the binding on the Christmas quilt last night, too, but I just found out I need to have oral surgery next weekend, so it will be nice to be able to do some light hand sewing while I recover.

2011 WIPs:

  • Hexagon Quilt
  • Robot Kaleidoscope Quilt
  • Lorax Quilt
  • 3×6 Bee Top (top done)
  • Christmas Patchwork (binding on)
  • HMQG Row Robin (rows finished)
  • Hello Betty Star Quilt (working on the blocks)
  • Rawhide String Quilt
  • Grinch Pillow Cover (top done)
  • HMQG Habitat Challenge
  • Embroider Bee Quilt (blocks done)
  • Neptune Hexagon Project (an ongoing project)

2012 WIPs

  • Rawhide Swoon Quilt
  • Quilts for Kids
  • A Walk in the Woods Baby Quilt
  • 1001 Peeps Quilt
  • Spring green/yellow/grey baby quilt (started cutting)
  • Sherbet Pips apple core project (in progress)
  • A Walk in the Woods Whirligig Quilt
  • Flower Sugar Hand Sewn Diamond Stars (an ongoing project)
  • A Walk in the Woods Zig Zag Quilt
  • Jelly Roll Race Quilt
  • Neutral Farfalle Quilt (working on the blocks)
  • Happy Campers Irish Chain Quilt (assembling strip sets)
  • ???

Still To Do

  • Sock Monkey 9-Patch
  • A Walk in the Woods Mega Swoon
  • Quilt for L&M
  • Quilt for P&S
  • Quilt for L&M
  • Quilt for R

The cold, hard truth:
Completed projects: 3
New projects: 1
WIPs: 12


4 thoughts on “Beach Bumming

  1. What a wonderful weekend you had, fishing, quilting, “dogging”, lol! And very smart to leave yourself some hand work to do while you recover from surgery.

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