Sunday Stash No. 17

I’m a bit behind in my Sunday Stash posts.  This week, a very organic haul… 

  • a fat quarter bundle of Monsterz, plus the adventure panel… 
  • a yard of each of the Nursery Basics ginghams for my gingham collection… 
  • a fat quarter bundle of the focus prints from Maman

It’s not a priority for me to have organic fabric, and sometimes the price is a bit high, but I do buy fabric based on cuteness and Cloud 9 has been putting out some of the most insanely cute collections this year.  I already have my eyes on Happy Drawings, Simpatico and  Seven Seas.*

Is it important to you to buy organic fabric?  Are you stashing Cloud 9 collections because they are organic or because you love the designs or are both part of the decision?

I’d love to know!

* If you are my husband and would like to get me a gift this summer, these are listed in order of preference.  Fat quarters are nice.


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