Sunday Stash No. 14

Recently Lecien came out with a new line in their gorgeous Flower Sugar collection.  I snapped up this bundle from Sew Deerly Loved.

I have so many WIPs, so I spent a few days petting this stack and then put it away.  However, since we had a little 6 hour drive to/from San Angelo this weekend, I thought it would be perfect for a little hand sewing project.  I cut up a few little scraps and took along my 6 point diamonds to paper piece.

I basted the diamonds for 7 stars on the way there and pieced together 2.

On the way back I pieced the remaining 5 and I love them. I will definitely continue this project any time I’m in the mood for a bit of hand sewing!

That wasn’t the only stitchy fun I had in San Angelo.  We visited the famous ML Leddy’s boot shop and I got measured for a custom pair.

I didn’t order anything but I did visit the work shop and checked out several pairs of boots in various stages of completion.  Both of these beautiful boots seem to match my fabrics…

Hmmm… Flower Sugar boots, anyone??


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