Sunday Stash No. 13

I have been a big fan of Melody Miller since her first line came out (who could resist the transistor radios or the viewmaster reels?), but her most recent typewriter prints are just incredible.  About a month after they came out, I tried to buy them, but everywhere was sold out.  Fortunately, Brenda told me she was in the process of reordering, but had no idea when they would arrive.  So at least I knew it wasn’t a hopeless situation, but patience is not my strong suit!

And now, a mere 6 weeks after I first pestered Brenda, I am the proud owner of all three colorways!!  I also snapped up each of these fab ruler prints, which I will probably turn into shopping totes (they are canvas).  In fact, I think these pair very well together!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Stash No. 13

  1. This fabric is adorable! Will you be selling the totes once you make them? If so, send one my way – I will absolutely buy one!! I have a typewriter that looks very similar to the aqua one. Love it!!

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