365 – Week 13

I’m coming off of a pretty busy month at work and this week was a bit about being lazy, catching up on things at the house, enjoying dinner with my husband and life with my pups — so it’s all Instagram today!

Monday 3/26 (started a new WIP and  it’s a bit harder than I thought)…

Tuesday 3/27 (took a nap with this sweet guy — Barclay desperately wants to be a lap dog like Coco and today his wish came true!)…

Wednesday 3/28 (at nearly 3, Barclay is so grown up and well behaved — we are so lucky!)…

Thursday 3/29 (my hubby goes to work a lot earlier than I do, so sometimes he puts the dogs in the bed to wake me up; here Barclay is not doing his job!)…

Friday 3/30 (so glad Amy suggested mani/pedis)…

Saturday 3/31 (beautiful flowers at my friends’ wedding)…

Here is my March Mosaic:

Sunday 4/1 (decided tonight to make a quilt. to gift this coming wednesday.)…

What an exhausting week!


One thought on “365 – Week 13

  1. I thought I was the only one to take photos of my freshly painted nails and post!! I usually do Facebook!!! Thanks for sharing!

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