Sunday Stash No. 12

A few days ago, I posted this fabric stack on instagram and asked what quilt pattern would work best.

When several people piped up with the Retro Flowers quilt pattern, I thought it might be just the time to tackle curved piecing.  I went to JoAnn to search for an immediately available drunkard’s path ruler, but they only had an apple core template.  Thinking this would be a great way to practice, I came home and quickly came up with this:

Then I got worried that one charm pack wouldn’t make a decent sized baby quilt, so I hopped on Etsy and quickly found that my new BBF Amanda (a crafty fox) had a Sherbet Pips charm pack for sale.  Since I’d been coveting her pre-cuts of the new FMF anyway, I convoed her for a custom listing.  After a bit of a mix up about what she actually had listed, Amanda ended up sharing two Pips charm packs from her own stash — how nice is that?  She said they were just collecting dust and she was glad to see them get used.

The only problem?  I should NOT have tried curved piecing for the first time with apple cores!!!  The drunkard’s path only has 1 curve and then all the components are square and can be assembled easily.   The apple core is one (more difficult) curve, followed by waves upon waves of undulating, irritating curves!  I would love to make a whole baby quilt like this, but I may end up with a super cute pillow instead.  I will definitely be making something with the charm packs very soon, since Amanda was so generous!


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