12 Quilts in ’12 – March!

Spring is a time for rejuvenation and new beginnings and it also must be the time for babies, because I have been making baby quilts like crazy over here!  I have 3 finishes to share with you this month!

First, Jen and I were going to a baby shower for a friend of ours from law school.  Since she had planned a pink and grey nursery, we decided to use Aneela Hoey’s new line, A Walk in the Woods.  Jen had a charm pack and whipped up a quick quilt top using the Oh, Fransson! Charm Squares Baby Quilt pattern.

My job was to quilt and bind this sweet quilt, but yardage of Aneela’s adorable line wasn’t out yet.  I had the pink gingham in my stash and really wanted to use it for the binding, and after much deliberation, I chose the grey Circle Dot from the Aunt Edna collection for DS Quilts as the backing.

I quilted this with a simple serpentine stitch (someone blogged about this last year, but I just can’t figure out who!) and the whole combination seems to have sparked a mini-trend!  The best part is that our friend absolutely loves this sweet little blanket.

Next I was inspired to cross an easy peasy WIP off my list.  After letting this brilliant quilt top linger for an embarassingly long time, I quilted it in only 20 minutes!

What was I waiting for?  Probably someone to have a boy — I still don’t have a recipient for this quilt!

This quilt is small, only 36 x 36, so I was easily able to back this with a single piece of planet fabric.  I also bound it in Kona orange, which I used on my last Robot quilt, too.

The fabric is Robots by David Walker for Free Spirit fabrics, and I have a good stash of it.  It must be popular with everyone else, too, because I even saw a quilt made out of this fabric in a TV commercial!  How funny is that?

This quilt is ready and waiting for the next baby boy announcement!

Finally, I have some really exciting news… My cousin is pregnant!!  Since my brother is a lot younger than me and my cousins who do have kids are a bit older than me, this is the first person I’ve grown up with to have a baby!  Naturally, I am so thrilled for her and I know she is going to be a great mom.  She is keeping the gender a surprise, so I asked her what type of quilt she might like or what her nursery plans are.  She said that she would like something green and yellow.  While that concept was percolating, I was reminded of the 1001 Peeps line and instantly thought of my cousin.

1001 Peeps is a fun Arabian Nights-themed fabric with rich purples, peaches and blues (in fact, the purple colorway is “Persian Purple!”) and I think it’s fun and gender neutral.  One of the reasons I loved this line for my cousin is that she is very bold with color and loves to mix rich tones.  I especially think she will like these fun braids.

The quilt top is 42″ square and the backing fabric has all kinds of characters for a baby to check out, like Aladdin, snake charmers and fun little camels (who can’t spit on you since they’re, well, illustrated)!

I used this fabulous dark blue and black geometric for the binding, perfect for the sophisticated baby I know my cousin will have.  I also added a label so baby would know who it’s from!

The other reason I loved this fabric for her is that she now lives in Dubai, so it seemed really appropriate.  Even if this doesn’t match her nursery scheme, it can travel in their stroller to the beach or anywhere else!

But Cuz, I don’t want you to think I wasn’t listening!  I have already pulled a really fun spring green and yellow bundle to make the quilt you did ask for as well!

Now I just have to pick the perfect pattern…


Let us know what you finished this month (and enter to win a fat quarter bundle of text prints and a handmade goodie) over at Amy’s!


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