Sunday Stash No. 9

I didn’t stash anything last week (I was in Mexico anyway), but this week is a different story!

I popped into JoAnn to replenish the grey polka dot from the new DS Quilts line that I used on the back of my walk in the woods quilt and also on the back of my new pillow talk swap pillow (more on both of those later).  Instead, they had most flannels on sale for $2/yard.  Often when I finish a quilt, I’m rushing around trying to find out of print yardage and spending a pretty penny, plus shipping.  Now I have enough flannel to back nearly 20 baby quilts (some for girls and some for boys!) — for about $3/quilt!

As you know, I have recently been stashing crosshatch prints.  When I saw these flannels at Joann, I decided I also needed them for quilt backs, too.  How fun are these?

And I found these DS Quilts prints — they must have hid from me the last time I was there!

I didn’t even know the new Hello Pilgrim line by Lizzy House had pearl bracelet prints, but apparently Frieda did and she stashed some for both of us.  And, she picked up this KJR for me when she was on a trip.

A great week — but I didn’t even get my grey polka dots!!


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