365 – Week 8

Monday (handwriting – lush running stitch, perfect for embroidering sayings)…

Tuesday (a fave photo of you – sad to be retiring this passport photo next week.  also sad that this is my first photo of the year on my iPhone because I will likely be at the office all night!)…

Wednesday (where you work – still here! these photos were taken just hours apart!)…

Thursday (in love with this Aunt Edna mini-bundle)…

Friday (staying with a family friend in Austin, admiring these beautiful antique DWR quilts!)…

Saturday (green – timeless treasures sketch, among other things)…

Sunday (night – busy attaching these)…


Hopefully next weekend will be a little bit less crazy and I can use the DSLR a bit more!


2 thoughts on “365 – Week 8

  1. Do you use a different format for your week-1, week-2 type posts? I find I can’t see the pics in email like your other posts so I have to come to the website… not a big deal, just curious LOL

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