Sunday Stash No. 7

Last time I told you that another 19 yards of fabric would be arriving this week. 12 yards were immediately whisked away to the upholsterer, but the rest were for my stash.  Due to a snafu with, I didn’t get the exact 7 yards I wanted, but I’m happy!

1 yard of so sophie dot laminate in blue, 2 yards of european linen in oatmeal, 1 yard of european linen in white, 1 yard of so sophie dot in each of blue and purple and 1 yard of timeless treasures grid in black.

Then … mono pez is here!  And … here and here and here!  Frieda and I split an order of mono pez and the ruby sundae scallops.

1 yard cuts of the pez and half yards of the sundaes.

Now I have a bounty of colorful basics in my stash!

Now we need to see if I will be able to cut into these!


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