Sunday Stash No. 6

This week 27.5 yards of fabric arrived on my doorstep.  Next week I should be getting another 19.  For a total of 46.5 yards!

That’s right … 46.5 …  yards.  But!  I’m not really “stashing” it — it’s getting used right away.

Last week, Charles and I bought a new bed.  It’s fantastic and we love it, but it’s a King-size, so we need a new duvet cover and a headboard.  Oh, and a matching bedskirt, too, right?  And we might as well do curtains while we’re at it!

From left to right: 14 yards of Dwell Studio Boteh in Jade for the duvet cover; 11 yards of European Linen in Mosaic Blue for the headboard and matching bedskirt (arriving tomorrow); 14.5 yards of Dwell Studio Bella Porte in Citrine for the curtains and the contrast piping on the duvet.

What?  That only adds up to 39.5 yards of fabric?  You sound like my husband!  Fine, the other 7 yards (also arriving tomorrow) are a reward to myself for being, basically, a fabric ninja.  Through diligent comparison shopping and my conviction that is the answer to everything, I managed to buy all of this fabric for less than half of the retail cost.  The icing on the cake was the linen being the deal of the day the day I ordered it!

It’s like I made money this week, just by stashing fabric!


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