Sunday Stash No. 4

Being part of a community of quilters (online and in real life) is great.  First, Kaelin put up a plea on flickr.  She was ISO an American Jane ruler print to bind a really cute quilt she was working on, and I happened to have lots of it!  I sent her what she needed as soon as I could, but I wasn’t in such a rush to pick something from her stash for myself.  Finally, I picked something, then I bought something else from her shop — and she sent me a bit extra as a thank you for getting the rulers to her so fast!  A half yard of the woodgrain and a fat quarter of each of the Heather Ross dogs (so cute!) and KJR Dots…

Last week when I went to Amy’s to help her out post-surgery, I saw that she had the Pac Man and Space Invaders fabrics I have been lusting after for a while.  After she told me she got them from, I knew I had to place an order.

…then I had to get up to $35 for free shipping…

…then I remembered I needed to stock up on Kona white, and get some other Kona solids for the backing/binding for my 3×6 bee quilt…

Pretty soon I ended up with this:

1 yard of AMH folksy flannel, 1 yard of AMH little folks voile, 10 yards of Kona white, 2 yards of Kona ash, 2 yards of Kona aqua, 1/2 yard Kona turquoise, 1 yard of Space Invaders, 1 yard of Pac Man and 1/2 yard of Cassette Tapes.

Meanwhile, after Frieda had raved about them, I had placed an order for a full set of Bloc Loc rulers from Threads etc. but unfortunately Dot, the owner, realized there was a small discrepancy between what I thought I had ordered and what she had in stock.  She was very kind and was going to have them shipped directly from Bloc Loc, but they weren’t able to fulfill the order either.  I told her not to worry and send what she had, and she agreed but said she was including “a little something” for my patience.  Well imagine my surprise when I found out that her idea of a little something is 8 fat quarters and a seam ripper!

One of the things I like most about the online quilting community is how darn nice everyone is.  I got 8 beautiful fat quarters (I see a baby quilt in their future), plus the 6 half yards I ordered!

These are my three faves (all Timeless Treasures)…

I am beginning to fall in love with sweet florals.  I have been getting a lot of my inspiration here and here.


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