Washi Tape Dispenser

Yesterday I was catching up on what’s in my Google Reader and I came across this post from my good twitter friend, Charlie.  He had pinned some fabulous storage and organization ideas and the first one really caught my eye.

As great an idea as it is for ribbon storage, I got so excited because it’s absolutely the perfect way to organize my washi tape!  I have been looking for the perfect (and visible!) storage solution for a long time.

Normally, I see a cute idea like this on a blog, think I should do it someday and, well … basically forget.  I’m often flummoxed at the speed at which I see other bloggers pick up on ideas and execute them.  But today I am among the speediest of the speedy!  Thanks to Amazon Prime, these were waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work today:

That’s right!  In less than 24 hours, I am now admiring my “new” washi tape and wishing for a third straw dispenser…

Also I realized that I don’t actually HAVE a large spool of baker’s twine to put in my awesome sugar dispenser, but I’m sure I can remedy that!


8 thoughts on “Washi Tape Dispenser

  1. So beautiful, Saf!! I got one of my spools of baker’s twine at Anthropologie! LOVE!! (and I just blogged about my new baker’s twine, too!! 🙂 and the antique spools I got for it!) so fun!!

  2. Just now reading your post about using straw dispensers for washi tape. Do you remember which dispenser you ordered from amazon? Did you get the less expensive one? I’m doing a “washi tape birthday” for my sister 🙂 and this is such a good idea – doesn’t take up much space. Thanks!

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