12 Quilts in ’12 Challenge

Today is my birthday!

(Some of us are more excited than others…)

And I have a special birthday announcement: Amy, Liz and I are hosting a challenge for 2012 … finish 12 quilts this year, one each month.

At first I thought that 12 quilts was a bit of a lofty goal, but I when I made my 2011 mosaic, I realized that last year I finished 9 quilts and had 3 others basted and ready to quilt.

In reflecting on 2011 and what I want to spend my (quilty) time on in 2012, I have decided to participate in fewer bees and swaps and to try to make (and finish!) more quilts.  Quilts for gifts, quilts for all the babies due this year and maybe even a quilt or two for myself!  I also realized that I need to be better about photographing (as you can see from the mosaic, not all of these quilts were photographed in final form!) and blogging my quilts. Hopefully this challenge will help me improve on all these goals!

It’s very simple.  Each month you should:

(1) Finish a quilt: You can start something from scratch, finish a WIP or assemble those bee blocks you’ve been holding on to.  We’d love for all 12 finishes to be great, big, snuggly quilts, but bags, potholders and other projects count, too!

(2) Join our link party: On the last day of each month, one of us will host a link-up where you can link us to a blog post or a flickr pic of your finish.  At the end of 12 months, we hope you will share a mosaic of your fab finishes!

(3) Stand back and pat yourself on the back: A job well done deserves a reward! Each month we will have a little giveaway for those who participate and link to their finish.  At the end of the year, there will be a bigger giveaway for those who participate all 12 times and link their mosaics!

Some things that might wind up in final form this year:

Hope you join in, too!  Remember, the first link party will be on Tuesday, January 31…


10 thoughts on “12 Quilts in ’12 Challenge

  1. Happy Birthday! Love the quilts you’re working on. I think I’ll join you and finish 12 quilts this year too. Pretty sure I have that many that need finishing…plus everything else I’ll do this year! Thanks for the great idea! I’ll check back to see about the linky parties.

    Have a wonderful Birthday!!! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday. Oh how I would love to do this but I am such a fail at actually completing things and I’m terrified to sign up and be a loser.

    • The best part about this “challenge” is that you DO NOT have to sign up and you DO NOT even have to finish 12 quilts. You just finish what you can and in each month that you DO have a finish, you can enter our linky party and enter to win a fabulous prize! So you get credit for everything you DO finish and that’s it!

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    Great idea… and not even starting anything new, I have enough partial-finished projects to complete 1 a month (more than that if we’re being totally honest!)

  4. Happy happy birthday Saf!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!

    This is an awesome idea and I totally want to participate! I need a bit of pushing to get more quilts done! i spend too much time doing obilgation sewing instead of finishing quilts for my family and friends! Hopefully this will help me with that!

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