FQS – Blogger’s Choice Fat Quarter Bundle

It’s no secret that I love the Fat Quarter Shop.  I think Kimberly has some of the best marketing and customer service around — and she’s a fellow Texan!  Recently, she has come up with a new idea: Designer Select and Blogger’s Choice Fat Quarter Bundles, which are 12 prints and 3 coordinating solids specially curated by the designer, or blogger, in order to maximize the drool-worthiness of the fabric.

In another brilliant stroke of genius, Laura at Quokka Quilts asked, “Wouldn’t it be great to be so famous a blogger that you get your own bundle listed in the FQS?” And apparently Kimberly said yes, because she is hosting a contest for one of us to win a Blogger’s Choice bundle of our own design!

Without further ado, my bundle…

…apparently I was feeling a bit romantic!  Right now I am really loving soft, muted shades of aqua, grey and putty, mixed in with bold, dark navy and subtle shades of peach and pink. (And I know I have an extra print in there, but I really liked the 4×4 mosaic layout!)

If you feel like playing along, you can! Feel free to link up any time before January 15!


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