Friday Finishes

Tomorrow I am going to a baby shower, and I am not going empty handed:

One of my favorite patterns recently has been this kaleidoscope pattern.  This is the fourth quilt top I have made using this pattern (which is actually a ruler I have been borrowing from Liz), but only my second finish.  I think this will be perfect for this little girl, who is going to have a butterfly theme in her nursery.  Even the kaleidoscopes are a bit like butterflies!  I also love that the Hushabye line is full of hidden animals (bunnies, ducks, owls, butterflies) and, of course, I chose the butterflies in pink for the back, along with a strip of the brown owls.  More photos are over on flickr.

Some may not consider quilt tops to be a “finish,” but I sure do!

I can’t wait to get this quilted up, and maybe someone could have a little boy?  Everyone seems to be having girls!

Next up, I have a plan to use a charm pack of Little Apples along with one of these jelly rolls to cook up something really sweet:

Enjoy your weekend!


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