Quilt Market and Festival

We are lucky enough in Houston to host the largest annual quilt market and festival  — people come in from everywhere and it’s really fun!  This year the Houston Modern Quilt Guild decided to host a meet-up for each of Market and Festival to try to get to know some of our fellow quilters from around the world!  Plus we had great prizes to give away all night!

At the first meet up last Saturday, I was lucky enough to meet Julie of the Intrepid Thread.  Julie made me a gorgeous pillow in my first-ever swap and I absolutely love it so much, so I had to spend about 30 minutes gushing to her about it.  Here is her pillow with the pillow I just received in this round of the Pillow Talk Swap on Flickr from Michelle.  As you can see, they play well together!

Pillow Talk Swaps received in Round 3 from Julie and in Round 6 from Michelle -- Love!

I also met Amy who made my Doll Quilt in the last round.  It was such a special gift, and I love it so much, so I was very pleased to be able to thank her in person!

DQS10 received from Amy

I also met such celebrities as John, Aneela and Julie, who were incredibly fun!  I can’t wait to do it again next year!

At the Festival meet up last night, I didn’t meet anyone I already “knew” but I did make some new friends and I was luckier — I won two charm packs!

Outfoxed by Lizzie House and Silent Cinema from Robert Kaufman

In case you haven’t seen either of these, Lizzie’s new line is absolutely adorable and has new colors of her amazing pearl bracelets.  I also can’t wait to break into the Silent Cinema, which has all my favorite Kona greys and blacks.  Imagine the possibilities:

Delicious greys

The last two weeks haven’t been all cocktails — I did go to Preview Night for Festival (with Frieda, Amy, Liz, Bry, Robin, Gaby, Fi and Paula) and managed to see just about every single booth.  I could go on and on about how awesome it was, but I will leave you with just my favorite vintage quilt …

Vintage Lone Star Quilt via Instagram

… and my favorite purchase — a fat quarter bundle of the not-yet-released Lorax fabric from Robert Kaufman in the Earth colorway.  The Dr. Seuss characters are so timeless and classic, I think they make adorable baby quilts.  I am so excited to cut into this that I have already rushed out to Hobby Lobby and picked up some Kona Papaya, Kona Caramel and broadcloth in Seafoam to coordinate with this adorable line.

Lorax Bundle purchased from Elkhorn Quilts at Festival with Kona Papaya and Caramel and broadcloth in Seafoam

As you can see it has been an incredibly exciting time around here, but I have to get back to sewing!


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