What I’m Swapping {Now}

As you may or may not know, I participate in several swaps on flickr, which is a ton of fun, but also super inspirational and educational.  I learn so much from everyone else and am always getting new ideas for projects, as well as tips and tricks.  Each swap comes with guidelines as to what we’re swapping (pillows, potholders, mini-quilts, etc.) and then you get information on your secret partner, create something fabulous for them and comb through all the awesome pictures in the flickr group guessing who is making something special for you!

Right now I just finished a new swap: the hanging hoop swap.  My partner was Casey, and when I went through her photostream, I realized we have nearly identical taste in fabric, so it was super easy to pick fabric for her.  She asked for grey, green and blue with embroidery.  She has already received it and says she is thrilled!

I woke up this morning and started flipping through new flickr photos on my phone.  When I saw the picture of a super cute red and aqua hoop, I immediately commented that I hoped it was coming to live with me.  As soon as I did so, I realized it was made by my really good friend, Amy, and surely we weren’t going to be paired up.  Well!  She surprised me with it at today’s HMQG meeting!!  I haven’t actually put anything up on the walls in my craft room yet, but I can’t wait to figure out where this will go!

I have participated in the last few rounds of the Pillow Talk Swap, and it’s one of my absolute favorite swaps. I love the eye candy and can always use cute pillows for my house!  This time, I was a bit intimidated by my partner, she makes incredible things…  While I really admire her style, it’s not what I typically make, but I was eager to try.  This is the block I chose, which was easy since I’m currently obsessed with churn dash blocks.

Finished churn dash blocks!

Finished pillow

I am thrilled with how this pillow turned out and I think it will tick all her boxes.  I need to make something like this for myself AND I probably need to add more text prints to my stash.  Any suggestions?  I think I have decided that I like type (like this) more than handwritten text.

Stay tuned to find out who my secret partner is and, most importantly, what I receive!  Also, I’m in a few other swaps right now (of course!) and am working on a new kaleidoscope quilt for a November baby shower.


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