Busy Painting

C and I have been busy getting the house ready and organized and we have pushed ourselves very hard, but I’m happy to say we have accomplished a lot in the short weeks since we bought the house!  Here is what the master bedroom and craft room looked like before:

Cute, but a bit tired.

First, we began by ripping up the carpet in the master bedroom to see what was underneath and fortunately we found hardwoods!  With the help of some friends, we pulled up tacking strips and tons and tons of nails.

Since we planned to repaint both the master and craft rooms, I decided to test out my painting skills in the master closet.  The walls were really scuffed and the trim was the same color as the rest of the house, and we would prefer white trim throughout.  I also pulled up the carpet in the closet, but the floors were not in great condition, so I decided to paint them to match the wallpaper in the bath (Sherwin-Williams Rain).  I love how it turned out!

I've always wanted to have a blue floor, it's adorable.

Our plan was to paint the master one weekend and the craft room the next.   We wanted a warm beige/grey color in the master and chose Sherwin-Williams Colonnade Grey, and I was strongly leaning towards Sherwin-Williams Tradewind (one shade lighter than Rain, which I had used in the closet) for the craft room.  Once we painted the master (including the ceiling!), we liked the color so much that we decided to paint the craft room and probably the guest room the same color.  Also, the walls and trim turned out so well that the floors, which had looked fine to us when we ripped up the carpet, just needed to be refinished.  Now that they are done, I am absolutely thrilled with the results and am looking for any excuse to refinish the rest of the floors!  What do you think?

Fresh paint and refinished floors!

Although I loved the grey color we used in the master, part of me desperately wanted a nice aqua blue in the craft room.  But I realized that I would have so much opportunity to introduce color in that room, through my fabric collection, curtains, painted furniture, etc., that neutral walls would probably be my best bet.  Then, inspiration struck and I decided to paint the backs of the built-ins aqua.  After much anxiety, I chose Sherwin-Williams Cay and am absolutely thrilled with the color and results!  Also, my little sis had helped paint the swatches on the wall and Cay was her favorite choice, so I am sure she would approve.

I love the pop of color on the bookshelves!

Well, there you go, two blank slates.  All of our moving crates are unpacked and we have moved into the master, so I will be updating soon with some more finished spaces.


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