“New” Patio Set

Two years ago when we bought our bungalow, the previous owners asked us if they would like us to leave their metal patio set.  Having no patio furniture, we said yes, please!

back patio at the bungalow

Obviously, I was not in love with the green color, so I immediately bought a can of Rustoleum “Brown” … and did nothing with it.  I think I was partially intimidated by the work involved, but I was also concerned with accidentally spray painting my fence or newly installed brick patio since my yard is so small.  (That would not rock.)

Determined not to take this green eyesore to the new house, I was inspired to do something.  Since Amy is currently refinishing a few craigslist finds on her (much larger) back patio, I asked if she would mind helping me — and hosting the painting party!

spray, Amy, spray!

It took us five cans of spray paint (I have a bit left for touch ups), for a cost of $30.  We spent less than three hours applying two generous coats to each of the five pieces, but that includes lots of hanging out with the girls — it was less than an hour of actual painting.  Also, while a good amount of paint ended up on the drop cloth, not much ended up on us and nothing ended up off the drop cloth, despite the heavy winds.  I would definitely feel more confident tackling a project like this in the future, and now I think I would just put a drop cloth in the new garage and spray or brush paint something in there.

ahhhh… nice, neutral patio furniture

Although I prefer wood patio furniture to metal, I am very pleased with how this turned out.  It’s actually the exact color and finish of most of the metal furniture I have seen on the market these days.  My plan is to find a fun umbrella and some great outdoor fabric and make some cute cushions for this.  I think that will really spruce it up.  I will share a full reveal when we have moved it to the new house and I have added some great color and accessories.

I hope this inspires you to tackle that item on your “to do” list — it might just be so easy that you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t finish it earlier!  Here is the inspiration kicking around in my head — I am absolutely itching to take this to the next level!

photos courtesy calico corners, fabric.com, jo-anns and pottery barn


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